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Pleasantly surprised! I’ve never seen such a nice facility in a small town. Super clean, well lit, great security. Their office looks more like a fancy club house than a storage office. I highly recommend Gizmo Storage!

Jay H.

Angela is so sweet and helpful. She showed me the different sizes and helped me decide what I needed. She made my move so much easier. Thank you!

Linda R.

Super nice place. The light in my unit was an added bonus. I was usually there at night, so the light was greatly appreciated. 10/10 would use Gizmo Storage again.

Dustin R.

I was worried about storing my ATV away from home, but this place has cameras out the wazoo! Very secure and lots of lights. They track who comes and goes. Love it!

Mike M.

Just wanted to say thanks. I wasn’t gone 5 minutes when Angela called to tell me I forgot to lock my unit. You guys are on top of your game!

Gina S.

Great rates. A light in my unit. Tons of cameras. 24 hour access. What more could I ask for?

Abigail M.

It seems like you guys are always upgrading and improving. Since I started renting, you added more cameras, upgraded the keypad system (which is awesome, by the way), and added online payments. Don’t think we don’t notice. It is nice to know you are always looking out for your customers. Thanks!

Stanley S.

I lost my keys and Jason came in on a Sunday to cut my lock. Totally above and beyond the call of duty. You saved my day… Thanks a million.

Clark M.

What’s green and beige and the best place to store your stuff? Gizmo Storage, of course! LOL You guys are the best!

Tyler D.

Of course we love Gizmo. We’ve been customers for over 8 years! My kids store there too. It’s top notch.

Carol M.

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